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Founded in 1987 in the city of Brusque – Santa Catarina, SANCRIS is a company that produces and sells threads, yarns and zippers. It started its activities as a sewing thread distributor for the manufacturing and apparel industry. In 1990, the company installed its first production line and purchased its first rewinding machines. After two years, it launched its first product with its own brand, called SANCRITEX.

Years later, the company diversified its product mix to meet the demands of several segments and niches within the textile market.
With the intention to improve its customer care and attend increasing market demands, SANCRIS founded in 2002, its own dyeing factory, further assuring more control over the quality of its products.

Approximately two years later, after much research and careful planning, SANCRIS Zippers was installed.
It didn’t take long before the company became one of the most prestigious companies in the state of Santa Catarina.
Today, after being in the market for more than 25 year, SANCRIS has been concretizing and amplifying its participation in the textile market. Its excellent customer care, agility in logistical processes, and the high quality of its products make the company grow continuously.
The company currently has a total infrastructure area of 55.000m2, divided in three units: SANCRIS Threads and Yarns, SANCRIS Zippers and SANCRIS Dyeing Factory. It all also has two Outlet Stores: one in Brusque (next to the company’s headquarters) and another one in the city of São Paulo.

SANCRIS products allow fashion designers, manufacturers and other segments to create and develop pieces with added value, quality and versatility.
SANCRIS has the support of a team all around Brazil’s national territory, facilitating and bringing the company closer to its clients, providing assistance in a personalized and practical way.

Concerned with environmental sustainability, SANCRIS develops environmentally friendly products, minimizing its impact throughout the process. Environmental control procedures and water residual treatment are employed in its factories, as in accordance with local norms and regulations. SANCRIS believes that environmental preservation, along with quality of life and socio-environmental responsibility, are essential to our future.