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SANCRIS Threads and Yarns

SANCRIS Threads and Yarns initiated its activities in 1987, as a distributor of sewing threads and textured yarns for textile and apparel industries in its region. In 1990, the company installed its first production line and purchased its first rewinding machines. After two years, it launched its first product with its own brand, called SANCRITEX.

Years later, the company diversified its product mix to meet the demands of several segments and niches within the textile market.

It didn’t take long before the company became one of the most prestigious companies in the state of Santa Catarina.

Throughout the years, SANCRIS has been improving and developing products to meet increasing client demands. Market research, investment in new technologies and the modernization of its production line are a constant reality in the history of SANCRIS.

From 2011 on, SANCRIS Threads and Yarns unit was transferred to an area of 24.300 m2, which is used for the production of products such as sewing threads, embroidery threads, textured yarns, high tenacity yarns and high resistance yarns, especially developed for professionals in the apparel industry, fabric finishes, clothes, shoes and accessories.

SANCRIS meets client satisfaction through the quality of its products, fast delivery and good customer care.