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Factory Stores

Today, SANCRIS has five Factory Stores, which are mandatory in some regions of Brazil. The stores provide greater agility in the purchase of products with immediate need, extra or urgent orders, purchases of threads and yarns in smaller quantities and evaluation of the desired color. Customers obtaining their purchases as an individual or legal entity, directly at the Factory Shop counter.


Em São Paulo - SP:
Rua Sousa Caldas, 181
Bairro: Brás
CEP: 03025-040
Telefone: +55 (11) 2081-2121

Em Brusque - SC:
Avenida Germano Furbringer, 107
Bairro: Souza Cruz (Anexo a matriz)
CEP: 88354-600
Telefone: +55 (47) 3251-2222

Em Cricíuma - SC:
Rua Julio de Castlhos, 175
Bairro: São Luis
CEP: 88803-280
Telefone: +55 (48) 3045-2221

Maringá - PR:
Av. São Paulo, 330
Bairro: Zona 7
CEP: 870303-025
Telefone: +55 (44) 3024-9373

Em Goiânia - GO:
Av. Paraná, 486
Bairro: Setor Campinas
CEP: 74513-010
Telefone: +55 (62) 3645-4445